African Women in Europe 2020 Events

"I am because we are "

UBUNTU Spirit 
  1. May02202004:00PM
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  2. Jun27202004:00PM
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  3. Sep19202006:00AM
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AWE 2020 EU Events
AWE 2020 events will be hosted in different cities in Europe.    Book your early bird ticket which ends 31st March. Everyone is invited to join which ever country is close to you . These countries will be Germany, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and  Nairobi, Kenya                About African Women in Europe       African Women in Europe is a private Organisation.  The organisation has over the years grown to a membership of over 4000 African Women in Europe and globally, over the past 12 years. Women support, encourage and inspire each other while investing both in Europe and in Africa. In support of African economic development. We have also had support from mainstream organizations and key individuals from across the spectrums who believe in the importance of African women’s engagement with African economic development and who are excited that we are doing it for ourselves.  Visit our website for more details about us and the events :